The Farm on St. Mathias

-Seriously Local Food-

The Farm on St. Mathias is now closed for the season.  We thank all of the families and organizations who helped make this a very successful season!  Your continued patronage is extremely appreciated!  Remember to shop local this holiday season.  Head over to and check out the indoor market schedule. 




The Farm on St. Mathias is an 80 acre farm located three miles south of Brainerd, MN on St. Mathias Road (County Road 21). The Farm has 10 fenced acres for vegetable, herb, and apple production, and 7 open acres planted in rotations for various crops.  We have just over 4600 square feet of high tunnel space where we grow tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.

A 6+ acre corn maze lies just beyond an open green space which is used for gatherings, performances and celebrations. New in 2016 was a Kiddie corn maze, 2 acres dedicated to our smallest guests, with no dead ends and a reading nook for parents to read and rest, and access to the larger maze if the kids want to.  In the fall, we host numerous school groups, daycare gatherings, social organizations and more for corn maze field trips, educational opportunities and farm tours. Contact us at 612-695-2721 to book your event.

The farm is owned and operated by Bob and Arlene Jones. Bob Jones has Bachelor Degrees in Chemistry and Biology and a Doctorate in Medicine, practicing both clinical psychiatry and hospital administration. Arlene Jones is a Bush Fellow and is actively engaged in promoting local foods throughout the Central Minnesota region.

Bob and Arlene are passionate about building the local foods economy, supporting our small family farms, and value the role farming plays in our lives. Bob and Arlene cofounded Sprout, a food hub with licensed kitchens and an indoor marketplace in Little Falls, Minnesota.(

The Farm on St. Mathias’ mission is to bring fresh, local food to our community.  Education on sustainable farming and farming practices is key.  We believe that it is important to know where your food comes from, who your farmer is and the really hard work it takes to grow good food. Come to The Farm on St. Mathias and see who your farmer is.  We grow “Seriously Local Food.”

Our family consists of our six children and five grandchildren, who are scattered across the country, and some helping to run the farm.  We are a family owned and operated farm.  We farm with our parents, children, siblings, grandchildren and friends.

We cannot forget our Gordon Setters: Nutmeg (born 7-21-04) and Brie and Bleu, litter mates (born 8-20-12).  We look forward to you getting to know them at the farm.


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We miss our beloved Corriander everyday, who was taken from us on 11-5-12 in a hunting incident.  Blessed are we who own dogs that shelter us from our own inadequacies.  “A really companionable and indispensable dog is an accident of nature. You can’t get it by breeding for it, and you can’t buy it with money. It just happens along.”  Still miss you everyday Big Girl Annie and our Annie Girl.

Fall Corriander


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